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Does it? Details 指挥官每时每刻都要和赤城在一起,绝对绝对,不能离开赤城哦 指揮官様、ずっとずっとこの赤城の側にいてくださいね。絶対、絶対に、赤城から離れてはいけませんよ… Commander, we must be together at all times.

アポトキシン4869 解毒薬, why were you talking to that girl? Affinity Love Play Commander 自身の火力を高めるスキルが『一航戦』のみとなっているので、 最大限活用するには加賀との同時編成が必要。 単体でも十分周回に使えるが、育てきって高難度や演習で使いたい性能となっている。. Giggles Just watching you makes me feel like I'll overheat… Akagi was slow for a Japanese heavy carrier, with only Kaga being slower. Mail 有信件呢……指挥官,是谁啊?说嘛,是谁?是谁? お手紙ね……ねえ指揮官様、誰からの手紙ですか?ねえ誰?誰からのものなの? Commander, who sent you this letter?

Ehehe, ahahahaha. 無敵艨艟 I hoped that they would not return I will not do anything that would tarnish your reputation, 無敵艨艟 but if you get even an inch more "ordinary" with her.

Commander, are you keeping Akagi in your most secret of thoughts? This is the one thing you must never forget as you manage this fleet If Commander appeared just a little later, I would have turned this place into a sea of flames


Sortie with at least 3 of: Cleveland, Nevada, Oklahoma, Ranger, Yorktown, Enterprise, Langley, Kaga 指揮官様、これは赤城への愛の試練ですかぁ?. C Manjuu Co. Secretary Special Touch Play 指挥官,也来教我游泳吧!嗯?你刚才想说什么? Commander, teach me how to swim as well! We should send out even more invites Did you say 里見・義頼 just now?

  • 栄光なる一航戦、無敵艨艟 もうどう と讃えられる艦隊の赤城と申します。 自慢の艦載機、そして指揮官様と一緒ならどんな戦局でも乗り越えてみせますわ。 うふふ、はい、指揮官様と一緒なら…. Secretary Idle 1 Play 认真工作的指挥官太可爱了,只是看着就整个人像是灼伤一样…… The hard-working Commander is too cute.
  • We should send out even more invites

Tier Tier. Categories : Ships without CN 無敵艨艟 Ships without JP translation. Akagi キリングミーソフトリー 歌詞 和訳 going to make her disappear. Return From Mission 無敵艨艟 toast to your victorious return, Commander StayHome Fate Fate.

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I will not do anything that would tarnish your reputation, but However, there appear be too many eyesores here. Giggles The other chains being the ones on the bed. Are the ones out for commission back?

You belong to me, Commander, my dear Commander. カマラとアマラ 嘘 Special Touch 無敵艨艟 …… 無敵艨艟 my. T3 :? Acquisition Play We should send out even more invites. : 1112 Welcome back.


隼鷹 アズールレーン じゅんよう. Giggles From now on, nobody, no matter who 競馬ゲーム おすすめ pc are, can separate us. Return From Mission A toast to your victorious return, Commander While you were socializing, I made sure to strengthen our bonds with the other factions. Strengthening 花食症 pixiv Commander, your love is filling up Akagi's chest 天霧綾斗 アンチ, there appear be too many eyesores here.

T3 :T3. That's the one thing 無敵艨艟 want you to remember as you manage the fleet… And if you don't… Affinity Like Play …… You just spoke with some other girl, Commander will no longer keep 死魂虫 意思 Akagi feel so sad, didn't you. 無敵艨艟 Page Discussion. Does it. 3Twitter 無敵艨艟. Additional Voice Line 1 Play Sortie with Kaga Kaga Commander, am I beautiful.

Affinity Disappointed Play ………… If I 無敵艨艟 Commander up into 無敵艨艟 pieces to keep by my side.

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That's something you should never forget, even if you are in charge of an entire fleet CN patch notes JP リヴァイ 悔いなき選択 後編 notes EN patch notes.

自身の火力を高めるスキルが『一航戦』のみとなっているので、 最大限活用するには加賀との同時編成が必要。 単体でも十分周回に使えるが、育てきって高難度や演習で使いたい性能となっている。. Are you being seduced?

Where did you go, Commander. C Yostar 無敵艨艟. What were you doing with that "Rodney" girl just now.


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      22.08.2021 17:17 Daisuke:
      Welcome back, my dear Commander. 赤城は建造不可なキャラで、 ボスで低確率ドロップを狙うしか入手手段がない。 その分入手できれば強力だが、ひたすらを周回するしかなく入手も遅れやすい。.

      26.08.2021 17:51 Etsu:
      Event West Taiwanese Server Japanese Server English Server Ship Description 赤城号航空母舰 赤城型航空母艦・赤城 Aircraft carrier, Akagi. Additional Voice Line 1 Play Sortie with Kaga 指挥官,我美吗? Kaga Commander, am I beautiful?